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Hiking Schedule:2nd Quarter April-June 2011

Special Thanks to all who ventured out with us as we made our trek to the delightful Matura Basins on Sunday March 27th. The sun shone, the waters sparkled and the hikers savoured the wonderful bathing pleasures which these pools offered. We trust that your time with us was enjoyable-the jokes certainly were- and look forward to the pleasure of your company as we begin our 2nd quarter hiking experience for 2011. We open up with the easy and bath appealing Rampamalgas Falls on Sunday April 10th and up the ante a bit as we undertake the moderately challenging Macajuel Pond on Sunday April 17th.  

Yes folks its a back to back hiking experience thats sure to please. Other highlights of this quarter include a return to the visually stunning Mystery Pool on Sunday May 1st and our El Tucuche adventure on Sunday May 29th. Stay with Hikers Inc. as we strive to continually offer you a hiking experience that is safe, enjoyable and certainly memorable. Take Care and God bless.


We start off our schedule with something easy. A short walk through a rain forest to a delightfully hidden falls with two levels of bathing pleasure to explore. A family hike so bring along the kids.

Rate: Easy

Duration: ½ hr one-way.

Meeting Point: Corner Churchill Roosevelt Highway & O’Meara Road, Arima.

Assembly Time:-7:00am
See http://www.trinoutdoors.com/ for a beautiful picture of Rampanalgas Falls. Thanks for the support.


This is a wide basin located along the course of the Madamas River. We pass through gorges along the way so life jackets will be provided but please walk with one if you have. Feel for a river walk followed by a nice dip in a refreshing pool then come with us.

Rate: Moderate to Moderately Challenging.

Duration: 5- 6 hrs return

Meeting Point: Corner O’Meara Road and Churchill Roosevelt Highway, Arima.




To register for the above hikes please call
Jai @ 357-5827,
Roger @ 678-4668,
Sunil @ 730-4477
Joey @ 748-5178
Mike @ 681-8079
2nd Quarter Schedule-April-June 2011 

Sunday April 10th- Rampanalgas Falls
Rate:- Moderate – Moderately Challenging. 

Sunday April 17th-Macajuel Pond


Rate:- Easy like Sunday morning. 🙂 (A Family Hike). 

Sunday May 1st- Return to Mystery Pool


Rate:- Moderately Challenging – Challenging. 

Sunday May 15th- Rincon Falls


Rate:- Moderately Challenging. 

Sunday May 29th- El Tucuche via Hobal Trace


Rate:- Challenging- Very Challenging. 

Sunday June 12th- Chacachacare Adventure



Sunday June 26th- Matelot Falls


Rate:- Moderate.

N.B. Please note that hikes or events may be cancelled at short notice due to circumstances

beyond our control. Apologies for inconveniences caused as a result. L

Interested in private hikes then call Michael @ 681-8079 or Jai @ 357-5827.

For further information and to register for events please contact any of the following:


Jai- 357-5827

Roger- 678-4668



Cecil (Gym) 687-3517

Michael 681-8079

Or email us @ hikersinctt@gmail.com

Website: http://hikersinc.spaces.live.com


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Welcome to Hikers Inc.

 Rio Seco Falls.
 If you are reading this then you’ve successfully linked to the Hikers Inc. MSN Space!!!!
Congratulations! I hope you wanted to visit us! Use this time to check out the information we have posted and consider joining us on our next hike.
If you have any comments feel free to post them, however keep it clean cuz they will be monitored.
Feel free to e-mail us at hikersinctt@gmail.com 
or call  Michael @ 681-8079, Jai @ 357-5827, Joey @ 748-5148,
and Roger @ 678-4668  for more information. 
Take Care and God Bless. 
Thank You!
  Hikers Inc.
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Important Safety Information

The following is intended to enhance your safety and comfort during your hike with the club.

Please read all of the following carefully before deciding to hike


MEDICAL FITNESS: Are you medically fit to participate in this hiking event?
A visit to your physician is recommended before undertaking this type of new physical activity.


HIKERS INC. HIKE RATING GUIDE: Our hikes are rated as Easy, Moderate, Moderately Challenging, Challenging, Very Challenging and Extremely Challenging. 

 If you have never hiked or not hiked in the recent past, try an easy hike first, and gradually work your way up.

Starting with a challenging hike may prove to be a very uncomfortable experience and lead to you never venturing again on any trail.
Gym fitness does not necessarily equate to hike fitness.
 FOOD AND WATER:  Have you enough food and water?
We recommend that you carry at least two quarts of water. You can also bring along energy drink
eg Gatorade or Lucozade.
If the weather is hot or if its is an open trail, you will need even more water.
Drink plenty of water: it helps you stay cool in the humid environment and helps to prevent cramps!
We recommend that you bring sufficient food depending on the length of the hike e.g. fruits, sandwiches, energy bars.
 Bring more than you need, just in case!
 FOOTWEAR: Have you proper footwear? Your footwear needs to have good grips or traction
We recommend the wearing of hiking shoes on all our hikes. We especially suggest the Merrell or Columbia brand. 
The Merrell brand is available at all Kenny’s Stores in Trinidad and at  Raymond’s on High Street, San Fernando, Trinidad.
Try them before buying, with the socks you intend to wear during the hike.
Please note that these shoes are multi-functional. You can use them to go to the gym, run the Savannah etc.
Please do not pick up a shoe that you have not worn in a long time to come on a hike.
It is liable to lose its sole because unknown to you it has become dry rot. 
A trek along popular trails like Rio Seco and Paria will attest to this commonly made mistake.)

 Here are some tips for buying new boots: While considering size, remember that feet may expand during hiking. 
Purchasing a size that is 1/2 greater than what you normally wear may be helpful. 
Please no sandals or slippers.



 1.  Wear comfortable loose fitting clothing- t- shirts & long track pants (nylon material) is preferred.

Please no jeans and ankle height socks.

2. Please bring along a comfortable change of clothing and shoes. (Leave in vehicle)

3. Your footwear needs to have good grips on soles. (No sandals or slippers)

4. Pack only what you need for the duration of the hike (drinking water, sandwiches, medication, etc.).

N.B. – Consumption of alcohol and smoking is strictly prohibited.

5. Please stay on the trail. Wandering off on your own could mean getting lost. Inform us if you need to stop.

6 .On approaching an intersection / junction on the trail, one direction/s will be blocked by cut leaves / branches.

Please use the unobstructed trail.

7. Hike leaders have first-aid kits. Please ask if you need assistance.

8. The first and last person in the group/section is always a hike leader.

Please do not walk ahead of the front hike leader in your group.  N.B.

9. Preserve our delicate ecosystem. Avoid littering.  

10 .Happy Hiking. A positive mental attitude will take you a long way on the trail and in life.


1. Whilst walking try to keep both hands free of items e.g water bottles, cameras etc. when negotiating slippery, uneven trails or crossing streams.
2. Avoid wearing jewelery whilst hiking. Earrings, bracelets and necklaces may become entangled in bushes or branches and this could prove painful.
3. Avoid wearing perfumes and colognes as these may attract the attention of unwanted insects e.g. wasps and not wanted humans.
4. If u must wear short pants please ensure that your socks extend beyond your ankles and cover as much of your leg under the knee. This is for protection from scrapes by bushes or insect bites.

5. Persons who suffer with asthma or any other medical conditions are encouraged to walk with their medication and to inform a hike leader before the hike commences.
6. We also ask that you refrain from smoking since your joy may be someone else’s sorrow and of course bush fire. 🙂

The following items will enhance your comfort on a hike. Bring any other items you may need.
Keep the weather in mind and use your judgment.

Cap with visor to prevent sunburn and glare on an open trail.
Sun glasses
Insect repellent spray
Flash light with batteries
Matches or lighter, kept in a dry bag
First aid kit
Extra t-shirt, pants and socks stored in a dry bag
Toilet paper
If you are on medication walk with it e.g. Asthma inhaler

1. If you have any questions about the hike, ask the leader.

2. Listen carefully to the announcements made by the leader prior to and during the hike.
Follow the leader’s advice closely.
3. When hiking, keep track of fellow hikers. Try to know who is ahead of you and behind you.
4. Try and be prepared for all possibilities – expect the unexpected.
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Meet the Hike Leaders



ROGER REVERAND– Mr dependable! Roger is always eager to motivate the stragglers in the middle and in the back on the way back to make sure everyone gets back safe with a jovial feeling with the corny jokes! The seasoned sportsman he is the one to quarrel with bout cricket and football and most of all his golf game!
MICHAEL JATTAN – The Quiet One. Michael is ever present to offer helpful advice and keep the lime going. An ardent hiker whose first priority is always safety for his fellow hikers. Our resident Techie, he is the man to read all your emails and send out the schedule and helpful hiking tips.

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Hikers Inc 
Your safety and enjoyment is our priority
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